ExpressCache does not appear functioning: SanDisk 1.3.2 Condusiv 1.3.112 Win7 Pro 64bit

I purchased and installed a SanDisk ReadyCache to my Win7 Pro 64bit 16GB desktop with a pair of 1TB RAID1 HDDs.

ExpressCache 1.3.2 installed smoothly.

There are, however, at least three symptoms listed below showing that the cache feature may not be functioning at all:

  1. The ExpressCache UI shows a “Status” pane with Total Cache Size: 29.82GB with “Used Portion of Cache:” showing “0.07GB” FOREVER. The “Used Portion of Cache” value NEVER changes.

  2. The bottom pane shows “Cache Monitor.” The red “System Read” curve goes up steeply after a reboot, then stays around 5,000MBytes, but it sometimes goes DOWN. No, I am not talking about auto-scaling. The curve actually sags and often resets to a much smaller number such as 300MBytes. This is very strange because it is supposed to be showing “cumulative magabytes read” so that it is never supposed to go down.

  3. The blue “Cache Read” curve stays at 0.0 FOREVER.

Any help will be appreciated.

Are your disks configured as Dynamic disks? ExpressCache does not support Dynamic disks and this will cause it to show as .07GB

Hi drlucky,

Thank you for the prompt reply. Yes, Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management shows both RAID1/mirroring member disks “Dynamic.” This is my first time to to expose to the term “dynamic” “basic” disks (I am not Wind savvy).

Is there any way to convert these disks to “basic” while keeping them RAID1? I do not need higher RAID levels, i.e. spannnig, etc., but want to keep mirroring. The pop-up menu entry “Convert to Basic Disk” is shaded out.



IIRC convertion from basic to dynamic is a one way convertion. I think you may have to reinstall to change it.