Sansa Media Converter: Download Details and Release Notes

Sansa Media Converter Build 4.236 and Release Notes

This new release includes support for the new Sansa Fuze, as well as various bug fixes and enhancements listed below. The new Sansa Media Converter, version number 4.326, can be downloaded here:


Bugs Fixed:

  • Device and SD card detection in reverse.
  • SMC icon remained on desktop after uninstalling in Windows Vista.


  • Added MSC mode support for Sansa View.

Known Issues:

  • Videos converting in batch sometimes do not play on Sansa Fuze (Work around: Select to convert one file at a time). SMC causes certain TV tuners not detected in Window Media Center PC (Work around: When this happens, uninstall SMC temporarily).
  • SMC detects USB jump drive as a microSD drive if connected together with Sansa player (Work around: Only connect 1 device for SMC conversion).

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Mr SmileyFace,
Would you venture to include as FIX to the converter that it will actually convert video files it was originally designed to do?  Or was left for another update?  So, is wise to hang on to ALLVIDEOCONVERTER (forgot the name).  If this deficiency was not fixed, add it to all the other issues that users of the Sansa have.  Just look at all that is written here.  Eventually you (Sandisk and Sansa in general) will realize the problem is not that users don’t read the manuals (that are lacking also) but the product … well you can fill in the rest.  To confirm, just read the forums.

All that said, I have my way to deal with problems but feel sorry for the newbees I read … experiencing the same darn problems that EVERYONE does and I just don’t read any update that deals with them.


  1. Shuffle does NOT work on a PLAYLIST - how in the world could you guys not address that issue in the latest V2 update?

  2. Video Converter - not a single word that it converts without HANGING as we all have stated?

So, you might suggest we should read the manuals.   How about requiring that Sansa design engineers read these forums and resolve the problems.??

Lets get it right!

Just downloaded it. Same problem as before. Every video file conversion fails! No error messages! My Sansa is an e260. Had it since Xmas and it is still videoless!

This Forum seems much the same as the product - Creates lots of questions, but produces no real answers.

I wish I could find out what actual format a video needs to be in to be transferred the e260.

Such a pity because musically the player is great.

Hi BNice,

You are so right about Sansa Support.  Sandisk is getting a bad name from this.  However, the forum has provided some good hints for me that has led to my succeeding at NEARLY EVERYTHING.  I can tell you what is need (free) and the steps for you to convert your videos so that the converter can process and store the video files.  It works 100% for me and is only one additional step.

First try searching for ALL msgs from me iraisok.  One of the msgs says you need to first convert your video using ANYVIDEOCONVERTER (free d/l) to MP4.  The defaults are fine but you can up the audio to 128K as I have.  Then feed that into the Sansa crapping 86MB media converter.

I also learned how to create Play Lists w/o using WMP 10 or 11.  Some of my early msgs were not correct so look at all.  I have other info I can share with you but first see all I’ve shared to see if you get all the answers you need.

Bottomline - I have a e280v2 (i’ve never used the 4gb Sandisk micro card yet (have read the issues.  Shuffle does NOT work with Playlists and (as you mentioned even with new converter) it does NOT convert most anything … unless(as I stated) you first convert your video using the other converter… and apparently, Sansa support does NOT care or ever respond to this.


Thank you Ira

I will give what you say a try and I hope my skills are up to it.

Thanks again


Hi BNice, 

I just installed the latest firmware.  Search for a msg I left TODAY.  If you have a v2, then I can tell you they FIXED the Shuffle problem with Playlists.  And in that msg I summerize MY METHOD to create Playlists that I stated in prior msgs you might have read.

Again, I can only speak for my experience with e280v2.  If you have a v2 product then you should expereince same.  Happy to help further but please read and follow my most recent msg.  I also state what does not work in that msg.


i cant install this because it says im missing a file at 37% and im using arc soft atm and it isnt recognizing my sansa


I am not one of the self proclaimed Sansa guru’s.  I can only speak for my own experience with my own e280v2.  I do admit, I am often determined to learn how to resolve problems even when it is NOT time well spent.

That said, I suggest you try to uninstall the ARCSoft Converter, probably clean out(delete the folder under Program Files (if it is still there after you delete the app from ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS.  Then try installing this InterVideo product.

Hope it helps you.


I had problems until I installed QuickTime. Then, no problems.

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Sansa Media Conveter need QuickTime for the codec of mp4. Also Sansa Media Converter will use what ever codec install on your pc for its to convert. Make sure you have the right codec for the video. Hope this help.

I cant download it. It says not found. Where else can I download it?

Hi All,

Like many people here, SMC would not convert video files.

A few mentioned requiring QuickTime - this has been the biggest clue in resolving the issue. A big Thank You to them all.

Although installing Apple’s QT free player did not help my particular case, it did lead me to QuickTime Alternative.

I had to uninstall QT and then install the free K-Lite QuickTime Alternative.

However SMC decided to still not convert media files.

So I resigned myself to installing the K Lite Codec (see link above) and now it freakin’ (sp) works!

Though I have to admit I did not re-boot my pc after installing the QuickTime Alternative, some may wish try if they are averse to installing K-Lite codecs.

This has been my workaround, hope this helps others in getting Sansa Media Converter actually working.

Good Luck


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I need download Media Convert bot:

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Please Help Me,

Uh, that link is bad. Do you have a better one for the K-lite?

Hello Mr SmileyFace, I was wondering how to “uninstall SMC temporarily” … I also have issues with SMC shutting down  Windows media center in Vista… And do you know if there will be a firmware update in the future for this issue… I have the Fuze 2bg…Thanks for your time, Chris

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how do i use the converter

how do i use the converter

Hello Mr SmileyFace, I was wondering how to “uninstall SMC temporarily” … ty

You can delete it using the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in Windows Control Panel. You can then re-download or re-install it after you resolve your conflict issue.

And there’s no reason to shout, we heard you! :smiley: