Media Converter not available in Sansa Updater


I bought a Sansa Fuze V2 and started to play around with it. Now I’m looking for the Sansa Media Converter. According to the support website, it should be available through the Sansa Updater, but it is not (at least not in my case).

When I launch the updater, I have only the user manual available for download.

On the left side it says:

Sansa Fuze

Capacity: 8 GB

Version: 2.03.33

So at least it detects the correct version - but why can’t I download the software? Am I doing something wrong?

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I’m having the exact same problem! Anybody have a link to the software we need?


Sorry, it’s not possible to correct over the weekend, but I’ll look into it.  The Sansa Updater is not currently pulling up the Sansa Media Converter.

If you have downloaded it previously,  or attempted to do so, it might be hidden on your computer.  Check under Start > AllPrograms > SanDisk > Sansa Updater > Sansa Media Converter.exe (install package).

If you have an e200v2, Fuze, or Fuze+ , the forum tool, Video4Fuze, does generate a workable file for the Sansa.

For the above players, you can also install the Rhapsody 4 client (you don’t have to subscribe), and use the Import Video function.

The Fuze+ can also play back files generated by AnyVideoConverter, directly, without the SMC.  See the Fuze+ forum for specifications on that.

I have tested video conversion and playback using SMC 4.236, 4.256, and the latest 4.263 using the Fuze+.  As a footnote, 4.263 is needed for direct conversion for the Fuze+ (convert > player connected).  Files saved to the microSD card in Fuze v1/v2, or e200v2 formats will play directly, cool stuff.

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First to start off what a pain in the butt it is to even get the Sansa updater in order to get the Media Converter.  I mean come on not all people are like me and think that have the internet is the most there are those that don’t have net access that allows them to download many use the library or internet cafes for number one so both the updater and converter should be installed on the the MP3 player in the first place and well documented in the users manual/Quick start guide that comes with the device.

Now on to the second part what the heck is up the manual/quick start guide says to go to to get the media converter well where on the dang page does it offer the Media Converter on that page um Nowhere and the FAQ link give you another link where’s the dynamic content that’s useable here?  The dang additional info link give you a link to photos (which by the way Is a dead link unless you want us to see 404 errors everywhere) and manuals how redundant can one get? You already had a link to images visible less than 100 pixels from that link!

Needless to say I had to go to the support and look though the forums just to find that I was looking for the updater in order to get to the converter WOW really!!!  This could have been avoided by adding info in the products description with a link to the updater/converter or down in the additional info section something at least mention somewhere on the page you send your costumers to in the quick start guide.

Now I use the web and come across many sites with similar issues so I was able to get around and find the info I wanted but there are those that will get frustrated and give up to never buy from here again.

I am sorry there is no reason that one should have to go though all this to get the software to use the device they bought.

I have found that there may have been an issue with the Fuze v2 with the Sansa Updater.  If the Updater does not recognize it properly, uninstall the Sansa Updater, then download, and install a new copy of the latest Sansa Updater here.

Download and then install the latest updater.  It should be available at this link.  Version is the latest (internal designation).

With your Sansa plugged in, follow the on screen directions to download the Sansa Media Converter

Details are in the second link, including installation steps.