cannot download media converter to upload videos to fuze

Using a 4gb Fuze, version 01.02.28.  It’s a reburbished model I bought for my wife 3 months ago.  I have taken it over.  Want to add video.  Went to d Sansa Firmware Updater  and downloaded it.  When I plug in Fuze it is recognized by updater.  However on the updater when I click on the box to download the Converter and Manual, the Download button does NOT activate.  I cannot download the converter and have not found any other links to download the converter, so i am stuck.

By the way, I tried the free version of the 4videosoft converter and tried converting a video cilp in the sanse fuze mode, but when I tried to copy and paste the converted clip to my Fuze in the video folder it would’nt let me, saying it was incompatible…


Made a mistake:   it’s version 02.03.33A.  Sorry.

You might try Video4fuze instead.

Look in your PMs.