Sansa Updater Issues

I have a 4gb Sansa Fuze, and I would really like to be able to put a small video on it. I followed the instructions to download and install the Sansa Firmware Updater so that I would be able to download the Media Converter, and everything worked perfectly. Once I got it installed, I opened the program (with my Fuze plugged in) and got to the page where it offers me the options of downloading the User Manual or the Media Converter. However, once there, no matter which I checked, I could not select the “Download Now” option. I can see it, and I can highlight the text on it with my mouse, and I can click the “Cancel” button just fine. No matter what I do, the Download Now button will not pop out and let me select it. Any suggestions?

Yes, use Video4Fuze instead. It works much better than the Sansa Media Converter.

Ok, so I took your advice and tried video4fuze, but I’m having some issues with that as well. the video I’m trying to convert is a .flv, and when it’s converted by video4fuze, the video runs at about 3x speed, but the audio stays at the same speed. So I tried converting the video to a .avi first then using video4fuze, which seemed to have more effect. The video is still just a tiny bit out of sync with the audio, but it’s not that bad. It’s not a big problem if there’s no way to fix that, but I’m just wondering if there’s something I’m missing?

Video numbercrunching is a real pain.  Frame rates, audio sample rates vary depending upon the format.  Sometimes, we have the same video data but the “container” around it is the difference.

As a side note, the server can get clogged at times.  The Sansa Media Converter does give you yet one more option for video transfer.  Be sure to have your Fuze plugged in when checking; I personally use MTP mode for transfer, which gives access to the secure ID of the device.  The Sansa Updater checks to see your device connected. I haven’t tried using MSC with it, but the idea is simple- for license rights, the SMC will only transfer the video converter if it sees a valid device connected. 

For your flash video files, there’s another possibility, try downloading AnyVideoConverter.  I have used this application for years, and there is a free version.  The latest builds have a YouTube download button as well, so flv format support is assured.  Install AVC, and on the right side of the screen, the output format can be selected, use avi as your output.

Use this target avi file for the video4fuze utility, and it will build the requisite “container” for watching on your Fuze.  Hopefully, the audio will also be in sync.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: