Sansa Updater Installation Failed

I just got a Sansa Fuze yesterday. I was able to connect it to the computer and now I can put pictures and music on it.

The only problem is that I can’t put videos. I read somewhere on this forum that I have to use Sansa Media Converter to be able to put videos on it. I also read that the way to install Sansa Media Converter is through the Firmware updater.

Since yesterday I have been trying to install the updater, but after I run it, it checks my windows and internet connection and then says “Installation failed. Please try again later”

I am really frustrated and I don’t know what to do, can anybody please help me?

Don’t bother with the Updater (not even for firmware updates); it’s a resource hog and nag-ware. You can download the Sansa Media Converter by going to the board named for it on this forum (right below this board) and clicking on the top (shaded) post.

I would advise reading through a few threads on that board . . . you’ll find out that in mosst cases you have to first convert the video using another conversion program before SMC will do it’s job. It doesn’t like all video formats.

Or you can use video4fuze, created by a member here on the forum. Haven’t tried it myself yet, but a lot of people say it’s the best thing since toilet paper on a roll. :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks a lot

Well the top post in the Sansa Media Converter board asks me to download the updater first so that’s why I was doing since the beginning.

I am trying to download the program created that you recommended, but I don’t know which one to download (I am not great with computers)

Can you help me out please

Thanks I downloaded one (that I thought would work)

It worked on a video and I am trying different ones test it.

Thanks A LOT, You have no idea how much time I have been wasting since buying this Fuze!