Sansa Firmware Updater/SMC Windows 8 compatibility

I’ve been trying to find a definitive answer on whether there is a version of the Firmware Updater and the Sansa Media Converter that is compatible for Windows 8, but I’ve been unsuccessful thus far.  The only one I’ve been able to find gives me a message that ‘Sansa Updater is not supported on your operating system.’  Any help would be appreciated.

You will find this response on just about any forum you go to . . . Don’t use the Updater; it’s a resource hog and it nags you every time you plug your player into your computer. Just update your firmware manually. All player’s latest firmware versions can be found in the Sansa Firmware thread stickied (shaded grey) at the top of this board.

Coincidentally, this is also the same answer you received when you posted the same question 8 months ago. Nothing has changed since. :confounded:

Oh my god, you’re right…I DID ask this question already XD   In my defense, work has made my brain into swiss cheese…

It’s not the firmware updater I need, really…it’s the Sansa Media Converter.  I’ve been trying to download the converter, but it tells me to ‘download the firmware updater first’.  I’ve been wanting to convert a few things to put on my player, but I don’t have that converter.  If that’s not possible, if there are any other good programs to use, please let me know.  

What player do you have that you want to convert videos for?

I have an 8GB Sansa Fuze+

The Fuze+ does not require the SMC (Sansa Media Converter) to convert videos for it. That was one positive thing SanDisk changed from previous models, like the (original) Fuze and the e200 series.

So any free video converter should work for you. In fact, I believe there’s a good one called simply Any Video Converter. I think there’s a paid and a free version. A lot of people also recommend Video4fuze which was actually created by someone on this forum some time ago when he was frustrated by all the flaming hoops one had to jump through in order to convert a video successfully for the original Fuze. Ir should also work fiine for the Fuze+ model.