Very buggy Sansa Media Converter...suggestions?

I’m running a new 8 gb Fuze.  Had downloaded most recent SMC last week.  Seemed to work OK except for occasionally requiring the Fuze to be plugged in and re-plugged in several time to finally recognize the device and the micro sd card.  Frequently it would not recoginize the card until several re-plugs.  I ahve also had it crash frequently in the middle of converting a file.

Today, it just wont recognize the Fuze at all.  I never get an icon for the fuze or an icon for the card…although I do get recognition "FUZE 8GB. " The CONVERT button is not active in this situation.  Fnally frustrated, I re-downloaded and installed what is apparently a new version (different graphic /colors anyway).  Same deal, just will not recognize the Fuze…either the Fuze or the card…I get no icons for either.  I have tried every combinatin/sequencing of rebooting the computer. loading SMC and plugging in the Fuze…no dice.

Then there’s the way that it seems to take 100% of the computer resources, essentially freezing most other apps. 

UPDATE:  Apparently having a SanDisk Cruizer USB drive plugged in disables Sansa Media Converter!  As soon as it’s plugged into one of the USB ports, the icons indcating the fuze disappear from the SMC and “Convert” is diabled.  As soon as the Cruiser is pulled out, normal function resumes.

Imagine that?!  And it’s SanDisk’s own device that’s causing the issue.  Weird, ironic and disappointing.

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I’m not sure how to help you.  I’m sorry you’re having this problem.

Mine has been having troubles lately too.  I wonder if it’s due in part to the new firmware I updated.  The convert button only is highlight when I have an item in there, like a movie or photo, then it will be highlighted.  Sometimes after converting 2 movies it will freeze on me and I have to close and reopen it.  And sometimes it doesn’t show the fuze or the card.  But mostly it’s been pretty good.

One thing you didn’t mention, do you have the option of trying another usb cable to connect to the computer? 

Do you have a flash stick in your computer?  Too many apps open? Or have been open before using the SMC?  I know those are very basic, but sometimes it’s the basics…

Rhapsody Will convert Video to the Fuze .  Its a work around.