HELP SMC won't convert.

Not a clue why. I add my Video to the program but Covnert is grayed out.
I just got it to replace my ipod… Liking it so far with a few complaints like the play being on top. and goign back isn’t one click.

anyway to change my name? the screen was horribley stretched when i signed up and i missed the extra l…Also what is the largest microsd i can put in the fuze?

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You have to have your Fuze plugged in. Once your Fuze’s info shows up in the device information box the button will turn bright and you can convert files.

It is connected though.

Still no luck!

If this is any consolation (& it probably isn’t) you are not alone. The Sansa Media Converter board is FULL of people in various states of frustration, anger & exhaustion trying to get videos to play properly on their Sansas (mostly Fuzes).

It might not do any good, but you might want to peruse that board for ideas or suggestions. SanDisk knows the Media Converter sucks (it’s not made by SanDisk) and they are working on getting another vendor to write it, or at least re-write the firmware so another program will correctly convert videos to it. But who knows exactly when that will be?

alright thanks… I was just goign to compare how the videos turn out on it and how it compares to my fail pod.