SMC Video converting problem

Short and sweet, when I put in an .AVI video in the converter, the “CONVERT” button is greyed out. I did every step listed on the website, yet the CONVERT button is always greyed out. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

I FINALLY figured it out!  Here’s what I did:

  1. turned my Fuze on FIRST

  2. Opened SMC on my PC

  3. THEN plugged in my Fuze so that SMC would recognize it

  4. Now when I add a video, the “CONVERT” button appears and I can transfer vids to my Fuze

I find the “convert” button confusing. It should actually read “TRANSFER” because it’s actually used to transfer the vid to the Fuze 

Sansa has tutorials (including SMC) at: 

Hope that helps. 

I hope that works for you.

I’ve found the SMC to be terrible, unreliable and not at all as was presented to me to be.

I have found SMC to be pretty good.

I found “convert” to be the correct word, because if you were just “transferring” you could use any software.  Or it wouldn’t take so long.  Transferring to me is just something simple, like transfering files from you C to your flash stick.  I’m not transfering files, I’m converting them to play on my Fuze.  Of course I would prefer to have a “transfer” software where it didn’t have to convert, for example, my coworker can transfer videos from itunes to her ipod in a few seconds.  She doesn’t have to convert them at all.  :stuck_out_tongue: