Can't convert...

Im trying to use the Sansa Converter so I can put my vids onto my player, but every time I add media, the media file will be in the box, but the program won’t let me click the convert button, its faded. Any help?

Make sure you’re using the latest SMC version. You can get it here.

I already downloaded the latest version and still not working. ANything else?

Try clicking the picture of the Fuze and see if the convert button lights up

@gabe565 wrote:
Try clicking the picture of the Fuze and see if the convert button lights up

Or the memory card, whichever you want to save it to.  And make sure there is a device in there.  If in the right hand corner it’s just a triangle with an explanation mark, then the Fuze isn’t connected, that’s how it shows on mine before I connect the Fuze to the computer.

You may also need to reinstall the converter software.  I did that.  The first time I couldn’t do anything, seemed to make it worse to use my Fuze, gave up and uninstalled it.  Then decided to try again (as there were videos I wanted on my Fuze) so I reinstalled the software and it worked great.

I have the same issue, I have reinstalled then tried again with the same results. So I deleted the conveter and redownloaded it and reinstalled with the same results. Any clues?

Sorry I can’t help you too much because I haven’t had any problems with it.

ok, after 3 days of downloading media converters, i finally figure out how to put a video on my sansa fuze,.so…

1.)download sansa media converter

2.)once you’ve downloaded it, open it,.

3.)then open a video then convert it(click the convert button)

*if you cant click on the convert button, make sure your SANSA FUZE is CONNECTED!!!

(truth be told,sansa media converter is the 1st thing i downloaded,but i couldnt click on the convert buttom,after 3 days,i tried it again,ACcIDENTALLY, i didnt recognized my sansa was connected in the computer, then i was able to download it, so on and so fort…)

4.)after its converted it should be already saved to your sansa fuze,.



cause i was so frustrted that past 3 days