The converter isnt working

For some reason the media converter is not letting me convert my video files. the “convert” button stays greyed out.

Ive tried multiple videos and none of them work. I tried reinstalling it and still nothing. 

Im running windows xp service pack 3. 

what version of SMC are you using?

Open Sansa Media Converter. Click on the ? in the upper right. Choose the Contents tab. Click on the + to the left of Using the Sansa Media Converter. Choose Converting Video Files.

You will find the paragragh “Converting Video Files allows you to convert videos from a folder on your computer to certain formats that can be played back directly on your Sansa Media Player. Supported formats : MPEG 1, MPEG2, AVI, dat, DVR-MS, MOV, QT, MP4, asf, wmv, 3gp/3gpp2, DivX, VOB.”

Just want to be sure you have your Fuze plugged in before launching the SMC. 

Go Sansa!