videos wont convert on new fuze

i have a few avi files and they wont convert, it says file 1 100% overall 4% and after over half an hour that all it said.

Mine won’t even start to convert! I can’t even get MP4 files to convert! I really like my fuze, but this is driving me nuts!

I called Sandisk about the problem and they just sent me this link to download a converter and I have to buy it for $35 so that that the converter will convert the entire file. Well, I tried the new converter and I managed to get the Sansa media converter to recognize it, and now the Sansa converter won’t download anything to my fuze! You can’t click the convert button! *runs screaming from the room*

Be sure you Fuze is in MTP mode.  Settings/More Settings/USB Mode/Auto Detect or MTP.  Be sure you have the latest SMC (.236). 

I am not sure what link you were sent but the only converter that works for the Fuze is the SMC (unfortunately).