Video won't convert...

Ok, so I just got a new Sansa Fuze, and thus far the device itself works great, my problem is with the fiendish converter thingy.

So, most of my video files are in an .avi format, shouldn’t be an issue as that sort of file is supported by the converter. I got a video lasting 30 min to convert, however the hour and a half movie (that I’m certain I have the space for) won’t. It loads in to the converter, and even works in the preview. I hit the convert button and nothing happens, it sits at 0% forever.

I’ve tried changing the movie to an mp4, but then it tells me that it’s not a supported format.

Won’t you please, please, help me?

did you ever get a response?   I am able to load the file i want into the converter, but it stays at 0% indefinately after i click the convert button.

please advise

Is the full length movie .avi, and you convereted with another program before SMC?  Then I’m not sure. 

It could be the movie. Did you try another movie?  There are very few that don’t work.  I think 97% of the 60+gb of movies worked for me.

Yes, it’s a full length movie in .avi

When the .avi didn’t work I made a copy, and converted that to Mp4 (No good)

Yes, I’ve tried other movies. Some work, some have the same problem.

I use to be able to convert avi’s tell i re-downloaded and installed smc recently. Maybe they stopped supporting avi? Try converting to wmv, that’s what i did with my avi’s and it works now.

Also make sure the DVD isn’t protected.  Rentals won’t work.  Some new ones won’t work either (I think they were having trouble with Black Knight).  Downloads, I believe (correct me if I’m wrong) won’t work, if they are protected.

Here’s a link on how to convert with substitles (I didn’t read the entire thing, so if you have questions, post there… and I’m okay without them in most movies I watch, French Kiss was fine without them, I had saw it enough times).  Plus a suggest for another program besides SMC.