Conversion cutoff

I’ve noticed that when converting video files the process starts off fine but eventually, every time, I cannot pull up the converter window.  The videos end up being converted but they’re usually not the full length and in order to convert another video I have to close the converter manually and restart it.  Anyone else have this problem and/or have a fix?

Are you converting the videos first?  I have to do that with dvd’s. 

And yes on occassion I have to close down SMC to convert another video.

I found one at a time for a video or even one short tv show, works best. 

But mine have all played fine (minus some with audio/video lag).

SMC is a Kludge.  There are all sorts of glitchy stuff for various users.  I have had it work fine and then completely stumble and do very weird stuff.

Even if the pre-converted avi file plays completely OK using Windows Media Player (or some other player), and has identical parameters to other avi files that have been able to be converted without problems, SMC can still freak out when trying to convert it.  I had it cause a very bad overall Windows crash last week; what Microsoft calls a Stop Error.  It was fairly scary.

At points, I have had to resort to competely deleting SMC from my hard drive and then re-installing and things were OK again.

Great software this ain’t.

Great video player this aint.

It would be wonderful if Sansa would step up and start properly supporting video for the devices.  More likely, and I say this without rancor, video on what is primarily an mp3 player, will be abandoned.  Sheer speculation- but there’s only so much engineering and coding they are going to do to completely support video on a 1.9" screen in a device that sells for less than $100.

I have to keep telling myself that because it seems like it’s close to being workable and the selfish part of me feels like we should get a totally workable system.

it’s really simple, all you have to do is go to instead of using the software. it’s free and online.

You’ve used this to convert commercial dvds to avi files ONTO THE FUZE?

It appears as if the Sansa mp3 players are not supported devices.

Okay but what format does the output need to be in order to play on the Fuze?