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I have been at this all day… I am working on my son’s new fuze. finally got the dvd capture to work, then had to find a missing codec to get video to play, ok got through that and am using the dvdfab to rip the the any video converter to get to mp4 at the 20 fps setting, bringing the file into the sansa media converter, and can even play them there, but they fail to convert when i hit the button. Any one out there with a bit of compassion and wisdom for a tired old man? 

Similar problems here.  Best solution is return it and buy an iPod…the cheaper price isn’t worth it when the unit doesn’t work.  The Fuze is junk.  I feel your pain.

Ok, i just read the instructions for posting, sorry, i have windows xp v. 202 service pack 3, media player10, i just (today) downloaded the smc 1.0 b004.256 cdg. 

I had had issues with video on the Fuze, but finally had NO issues using Video4Fuze. Here’s the discussion, which also contains download links.

I have never had an issue with video run through Video4Fuze, but I have had issues with video on my Version 2 Fuze, as opposed to the Version 1 Fuze. The problems were related to the firmware; the version 1.02.28 software is the newest and best working, but I have version 2.02.26 on the newer Fuze.

I decided to avoid using Windows Media Player because I’ve had it do odd things to my music files in the past. I don’t download pirate music, but it has occasionally chosen to make alterations to the files I ripped from my huge CD collection, making it difficult to use them.

Having just recently gotten the Fuze, I have posted about what has worked for me here:

There’s even a bit of detail regarding the difference between the Version 1 and Version 2 Fuzes.

Perhaps some of it might be useful to you. I use Ogg Vorbis compression at this point, but I see no reason why using the .mp3 compression in FreeRip wouldn’t work, using exactly the same procedures I currently use.

Wow, thank you kindly, i have to tell you i am not a techie, 50 years old and i lean to horticulture rather than gadgets.

Although i do love to listen to science podcasts. Anyway my point is that your directions were excellent, i did the videofor fuzedownload, then brought up the fuze in the msc mode. dropped the file in and it is playing now. one further question if you dont mind the image seems to be quite a bit smaller than the screen on the fuze. is this normal or is threre a way to improve. Als, se it i playng with subtitles, any control there?

Thanks you very kindly, and if you ever have a question about your trees or shrubs,etc. i owe you one. 

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Sadly, I don’t have any suggestions regarding the size. As far as I’m aware, the conversion software behind Video4Fuze will automatically resize the video to be the size of the largest available dimension.

If the video is widescreen, I see black bars above and below the video, just as I do when playing widescreen video on my TV. The black bars above and below the picture preserve the height/width ratio of what you are watching. The other two possibilities would be to squish the video to fit in everything but have it be the full height (resulting in oddly distorted heads and such), or to cut off the ends of the video, resulting in part of the intended picture being lost. Are the black bars what you’re talking about?

Regarding the subtitles, as far as I’m aware, Video4Fuze doesn’t have a setting for subtitles, so this probably was already on the source video. I can’t say for sure, though. When you watch the unconverted video, prior to running it through Video4Fuze, does it have the subtitles?

As your original subtitles question was a bit garbled, I’m assuming that’s what you’re asking. What did you mean by,

“Als, se it i playng with subtitles, any control there?”

Yes sorry, my keyboard seems to dislike “t"s today, ok, thanks for the help, acyually the size thing is more like i have the picture inside a black boxwhere none of the picture covers the entire screen, i would say 3/16” on each side and 1/4"top and bottom. 

 i will try another video and pay closer attn. to the settings before i rip, perhaps there was an option or two that i missed.

thanks again

Sadly, I am beginning to think that the iPod route was the right one to pursue.  I am even having weird problems with the music on my of sons’ Fuze after doing the Firmware update.  The Fuze thinks it has music on it that it does not (shows the album icon and the song list, but has 0 seconds of music) and I cannot figure out where that info is stored or how to get rid of it.

Don’t get me started about the video problems. 

The database, the index of the music, is MTABLE.SYS . You can delete it and the Fuze will rebuild it from scratch when you disconnect. 

There may be other reasons the songs show but don’t play. 

Look in Windows Explorer (My Computer or Computer) at the music files you have put in the Fuze. There are a couple of possibilities.

One is that they are a kind of file the Fuze does not play–like m4a, music from iTunes. iTunes sells you files made to be played on iPods and charges everyone else to use that format–big surprise, right?

There’s a reason these gadgets are called .mp3 players–everything plays .mp3. The rest depends on the manufacturer’s whims.  

If the files are listed in iTunes, you can convert them to mp3 with iTunes. mp3 conversion within iTunes

The Fuze is an mp3 player (it also plays .wma, .ogg and .flac). The iPod plays .mp3 and .m4a, but not .wma (Windows Media Audio). It’s a corporate battle being taken out on you. 

Another possibility is that the albums were converted to mp3 on a Mac with OSX, which not only gives you the song files–about 1MB per minute of music–but also adds files like _01.Track-1.mp3 that are 0kb in size. They are files to direct the Mac how to find the mp3s. The Sansa tries to play them because it thinks they are .mp3 files–but they aren’t.

The little finder files may be in the same folder as the mp3s or in a folder called MACOSX within the album folder. Delete them off the Sansa–and off your computer if it’s running Windows. They’re unnecessary.

If you hate the firmware, look at Settings/System Settings/Info and see whether the firmware begins with 1.x or 2.x. Then go to the Firmware Update thread and download the x.x.26 version of the firmware. Unizip it, drag fuzea.bin into the root directory (the Sansa Fuze driveletter) and you can revert. But it’s more likely to be a problem with the files themselves. 

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