Grrr !@#$ SMC

Hello all. New to the boards. Also new to my Fuze from santa. Have tried everything to get video onto the player with no luck…well I did somehow sync a short vid through windows media player but it was very snowy. sound was ok though. The smc says the player isn’t detected even though the puter sees it and I can put music and pics on there. Installed rhapsody, quiktime, updater,… was able to convert to a quicktime movie but still won’t go to the player through converter. won’t paste to the fuze manually either. uninstalled everything and tried to start over from scratch. now i can’t even download the converter. it comes in two packages. the exe is in a .PART format and windows can’t open it. I’ve done so much stuff i don’t even remember how i got it on the computer in the first place now. Running vista home premium. any help appreciated. i have scanned quite a few pages on here also before posting. was on the phone with tech support last nite to no avail. they said I’d need to contact microsoft to find out how to alter firewall settings to allow the thing to work. Later realized my firewall is turned off so i’m really stumped now. Come on sandisk work with us here.

Problem solved finally. After 2 days of agony I saw a new post by the admin. here regarding the fuze firmware upgrade. followed the instructions, updated the sansa. Checked the box to also install the media converter. This was the intervideo version. now the converter sees the fuze and converts the video to the fuze fine. Thank you slotmonsta. thank you thank you. A word of advice, a couple times the installation appeared to freeze but just let it alone it was still doing stuff. After a bit it was done. This was the fix I was looking for.