Having some Problems...

Okay,so my mom bought me the 4GB red Sansa Fuze for Christmas '09. I wanted some music videos on there, so I tried Sansa Media Converter. It did not work. Also, the middle button will not work. I press it and absolutely nothing happens. Finally, ALL the pictures on my dads computer were synced to it. I plugged it back in to delete them, but it only shows up when the Fuze is not connected. If you can help that’d be awesome.

Please help me people!! I’m frantic!

Can you be more specific? In what way did SMC not work? What are you doing when you press the middle button and what are you expecting it to do? What only shows up when the Fuze is not connected?

What OS are you using? What USB mode is your Fuze set to? What kind of video files are you trying to transfer to the Fuze? 

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I would format it and start over.  Update the firmware.  Don’t sync anything, just drag and drop.

I changed the videos to AVI but they dont play. When I press the middle button I want it to show me the album cover or next song, or select, which it does none of. I tryed transferring Family Guy.

There’s a one-year warranty on the Fuze. If the middle button does nothing, that’s a hardware problem. Call 1-866-SANDISK and have them authorize a return/repair.

For the videos, try video4fuze.

You can’t just drag-and-drop video. It has to go through the converter or through video4fuze to be scrunched down to the size of that little screen. 

Thank you. The middle button worked for a little while then stopped, so I’ll call that number. Will I have to re-get all my songs?