no video :(

hey whats good ever one

i just bought a fuze 4 gig 2 days ago added about a gig of music with no problem and about 500 jpeg images again no problem

how ever now im adding video ( problem) i downloaded media converter and converted a test vid file was 150 MB and yes it was avi. the problem is i get sound but no video all i got was a green screen i downloaded the updater but that didnt help ether.

im a little surprised cause a had a E250 for about 4 years and it worked like a charm no problems ever  i decided to get a new one cause it was looking ragady 

any ideas on wat the problem may be 

thanks in advance 

New file was an AVI as well? Try running it thru a program like Any-Video-Converter first. Use this to make the file closer to the files that SMC outputs (Do a search of the baord for those specs) and then run thru SMC and see of that helps.

ok i tried a different format this time i went with WMv and it worked

but that seriously sucks . if thats the case im gonna have to convert all my video to wmv in order to put them on my fuse WTF.

sansa is losing it they just droped a few points 

WMV is not the Silver bullet. I use almost all avi and mpeg files. Its like this… SMC is not so good sometimes. The thing you gotta do is try to find the best way for your setup. Play around with some video converters and maybe just adjust the size (Viewable area) of the AVI Files, and try SMC. It takes some experimenting. Just an FYI theya re working to lessen the need or even eliminate SMC all together.

thanks for the help bro ill deal with that some other time right now im exausted and im going to bed

much love 


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