Fuze and SMC, a one time deal?

I am currently enjoying my new Sansa Fuze, although there is one big problem.

The SMC, which is the latest version by the way, will not convert videos to my fuze!

I use DownloadHelper via Firefox to get the youtube videos I need, then convert them from flv to wmv. After this I plug them into the SMC and at first everything seems fine. And indeed it was, for the first video worked without a hitch.

Now the conversion bar freezes at 100% and the second bar at 49%, no amount of time remedies this problem and its really getting annoying.

I tried it again on a different computer, same story. First video worked, second did not.

Supposedly the fuze should read wmv’s, but even when I just drag and drop the files into the Sansa folder the player won’t reconize them…

Is their any remedy to this? Do I need to try another file type or something?

videos for the fuze have to be converted through the smc.

try converting the flv to avi or mpeg4 then try converting through smc

But it has worked before when I have converted using wmv.

I guess I’ll try avi right now as it won’t take but a minute…

Codec does  not exist to support this file type… and I’m assuming mpeg4 will end in the same result.

You should certainly be able to convert your flv. file to avi. or mpeg. using AnyVideo converter,i do it all the time.Then run it through the SMC.

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I’ve found it quite useful to have Quicktime installed on the computer, as well as Macromedia Flash Player.  Sometimes, having additional codecs and capabilities allows your converter access to tools it may need.  This isn’t just for the Media Converter.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the excellent tip Bob.This may solve some problems i’ve been having.