SMC won't convert videos

Yes, i’ve read most of the threads.  i’ve tried moving the file to a different drive.  I’ve tried Any-Video-Converter.  and no, it’s not free.  it only converts the first 3 minutes.

This is what i get:

1)  first i import them.  the video shows in the lower left.

2)  I click Convert and it starts.

3)  Then it kicks out a few seconds later, as Unfinished with no errors

Please someone help.

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video4fuze does work very well :slight_smile:

Yeah,anyvideoconverter is free.Are you sure you didn’t inadvertently    download the Pro version which isn’t free? If you are able to convert your video file to something the SMC likes (such as avi.)you shouldn’t have a problem.It is a certainty that if the SMC takes issue with your file it will not work. Please try again after properly converting your file and then let’s see what happens.I have three 2 hour movies on my Fuze at this very moment,i know this thing works… 

I tried but Sansa is not accepting AVI Files converted by ANYVIDEOCONVERTER.

Files converted by VIDEO4FUZE into AVI Files work fine.

i will see about the free version of anyvideoconverter.  maybe it was the pro version.

the file is already an avi though.  i have to convert it from one avi to another??  why would I do that?  And it’s already an XVID type.

So this is odd.  I tried it on a Vista machine and it works.  the viedo converts and copies.  too bad the Vista machine is not mine.  My home PC is an XP.  I tried switching the mode from MTC to MUP (I forgot the setting).  XP just detects it differently but no progress in converting.

What are your settings in AnyVideoConverter?

I use AVC’s free version, even updated it for free, and it converts my short videos just fine.  And SMC has no trouble transfering them to the fuze.

i have to try it again when i get home.

but why would i have to convert it from an XVID avi to another type of avi.  wouldn’t they be the same?

Also, could you tell me what setting i should have for anyvideoconverter?

Are you using the trial version of AVC Pro?  If so, then that’s most likely the reason why it’ll only convert the first three minutes.

This is a how-to from the AVC website on converting videos to the fuze.  The trial version will only convert the first three minutes of a video.

The free version I’m using can be downloaded here.

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