SMC converter can not convert video. Missing codec?

I just bought the sansa fuze, I installed the SMCconverter, I try to convert videos with the software but it keeps on telling me that I missing a codec. I’ve checked, I have all necessary codecs. I have the sansa e280 also which works fine with the olde SMC software. The new one for the fuze is funky to use. does anyone know how to solve this issue? I’ve been browsing through the sansa fuze message boards and seems like this player has lots of problems. If you can help me, please. thank you.

The Fuze requires the newest SMC. versioon 4.236.

If the particular video you are trying to convert won’t work with the converter, you can try te Any Video Converter application to translate the original video into a format the Fuze likes.  I’ve found that translating to avi works beautifully, and the SMC will transfer to the device.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: