converting problem


I got problems with converting videos on my Sansa Fuze. Any avi/mp4 video finish converting with error without any reason. Now I can  only convert wmv files. 

I got QT 7 , latest K-Lite codec pack and latest SMC installed.

Is there any ideas what is wrong ?

Yea , i can also convert files with another programs like video4fuze, but i just wanna know why SMC wont do it …

Message Edited by okay on 12-04-2009 01:41 PM

Just about everybody has discovered that SMC won’t do it on its own. You need to first run the file through another conversion program, then SMC can handle the final conversion and transfer to your Fuze.

That’s just dumb of sansa to do that.  Convert for the converter?  Idiocy, I tells ya, IDIOCY!

If it’s a converter it should convert most, if not ANY, of the VERY COMMON video formats out there.

For audio, least, we’re totally set with ogg, flac, shn, mp3.

Jhoo VILL not vatch ANY fideos  here on ziees defice oonleszt VEE szay jhoo kan!  NO AVI FOR JHOO!