SMC used to work . . . now it just hangs @ 0%

SMC when I installed it worked just fine.  I had many video’s on my Fuze.  Now if I can get it to convert - which isn’t often it won’t write to the fuze - it just hangs.  There are no error messages - it just doesn’t work.  I’ve re-installed; rebooted both computer and fuze with no avail.

Please help.

frustrated fuze owner.

The latest videos you are trying to convert; are they a different format than what you were successful with before?

I’m doing AVI’s (divx) and I saw to update the codecs & direct x and (quicktime/ windows media player were already up to date) and now it won’t recognize my fuze. - sigh.

Same with me, but I’ve never used the converter before. It just stays at 0% and I’ve been trying at this for going on 2 hours now. Is there no other way to get videos on my Sansa? I know I can get music from Windows Media Player, but I need my crappy quality videos too!