Sansa Media Coverter and how it isn't working

Seriously, folks, if somebody is going to require a video conversion through a special program, they should please try to ensure that it’s a good program, first.

I recently had to uninstall the first SMC program I downloaded because it simply didn’t work at all.  Then I redownloaded it and actually did manage to convert a small video and successfully loaded it into my Fuze.  However, a couple of weeks later, the converter won’t get beyond 0% conversion for anything.

Put simply, it will recognize videos of the proper prescribed filetypes, and it will even add it into the little screen on the converter, and I can push the Convert button.  But conversion will not go beyond 0% for love or money.

Help, please? What must I fix? How must I fix it?

Are there any special limitations to how long these files must be? In traveling the internet, looking for a solution, I came across a post saying that clips must be no longer than ten minutes or they won’t download.  It doesn’t matter in this case, anyway; it won’t go beyond 0% even if I clip it to within ten minutes.  Just for future reference, it is.

Try reinstalling SMC to fix the freezing bug. I don’t use my Fuze for videos, but I believe I’ve read here that using another program to convert your videos to AVI before running them through SMC works best.