Cant convert video

           Hi, I recently purchased a Fuze and have been doing all the research I can to figure out how to correctly put videos on it. Ive downloaded the Any Video Converter and converted a couple videos with the correct specifications only to have the wonderful SMS crash not even half way through. I feel stupid like every one else seems to get this but me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

you have to use the sansa media converter with the fuze. you can find a download link in the stickied post sansa fuze general information.

I meant the SMC sorry. Yes I have it and its the program crashing during conversion. Ive downloaded and reinstalled it several times to no avail.

This sucks. Dont buy this product its full of crap.

i have an 8GB fuze and love it. granted movies are not the best on it but i do not use it for that anyway.

Yeah well you shouldnt have to be a professor to know this. Its obvious theres alot of people out there with problems and minimal help provided. No shocker.

Keep at it dude you’ll get it.If the SMC  spits your video up after you’ve already converted it ,try converting your video to a different file type.

Try this one it´s on this forum, i did it step by step and *DADA i can convert any video!

I believe it´s about outdated codecs or something