I am sure at this point this issue has been addressed, but I wanted to post my findings on the solution to my download of videos problem in case anyone else was having my same issue.

     So basically, I have a bunch of videos saved on my hard drive that were taken with my Sony minidvd handycam of my daughter that I tried to put on my wife’s 4gb fuse, and until tonight, I thought that this accessory on her fuze was just not ever going to work.

When I would add the file to the Sansa Converter, and then convert it and it would load the file onto her fuze, when I went to play it, no matter how long the video was that I put on her player, at about the 22 second mark, the video would just freeze, I would then have to fast forward the video, then the second counter would begin again, then eventually the sound would come back, and finally the video would begin to run again, but from that point nothing was in sync, the video would not be on with the sound, etc…

So, in talking to a video inclined friend of mine he explained that what might be happening is that the mpeg sony saved file when it was put through the Sansa converter may have been getting scrambled up with sony’s codecs being different that just your average normal mpeg codecs, yadayada yada, jargon I dont understand, etc etc, basically I went and found a Video converter that would convert the sony media mpeg file to an mp4 format, then I put that converted file into the Sansa Converter, and by doing it that way, I have NO issues with the file.

      My only problem now is, the file converter program is only a free demo trial version, and because of that they add awater mark to the converted file so to not have that over your video the whole time you must purchase the full version.

 Other than that, it works perfectly!

So if anyone knows of a free converter that will not do that to your video, let me know, and also I hope this helps others out there that may have been having the issues I have had.   I thought I was just not going to be able to use this option on her player, but now I have new found hope! YAAAY!!!

There are several out there. Try Any-Video-Converter (Thats its real name). Also if you have windows Movie Maker or a Video Editing software you should be able to do that as well.