freeezes when playing any converted video--at around 2 minutes of playing

Firmware: 01.01.11A. Plenty of space.

All videos converted and uploaded using SMC.  No errors that I see in conversion.

Playing any video freezes the unit after around 2 min of playing.  Have converted five or six videos and all of them exhibit this issue.  Have to soft reset the device to restart.

Any ideas?  Any way to debug the issue?

Are the videos sourced from VOB files?

I have solved freeze-up issues by converting the raw video using AnyVideoConverter to another format, then porting the “repaired” video file through the SMC again.

Bob :wink:

These are coming mostly from Xvid sources packed in a .avi format.  They play fine on one fuze but not on the second one.

My other fuze which plays the video okay is 01.01.07A so I am beginning to think it is a firmware issue.

I have tried a variety of converters with no luck so far.  Looks like the newer firmware is a bust for me and videos.  It was a birthday gift for my son so this is very disappointing.