After converting video files with SMC, videos freeze during viewing on my Fuze


I may have missed a similar post on this subject but I did not find a match trying to search this board…

I am running Windows XP and have the most recent firmware updates (2.01.17) for my Fuze.  I am also running the most recent edition of SMC.  I use a program (PQDVD) that converts DVD to AVI files and that is also the most recent release.  Most of the videos I am trying to watch are approx. 20 minutes long.

Following conversion of the AVI files using SMC to the internal memory, the video freezes after about 2-3 minutes of viewing.  There is no error message either on the Fuze or during the conversion process through SMC and I must perform a soft reset.  Even the music video that was included out of the box froze during viewing.  I contacted the Sansa support number and they had me format the player as well as restore factory settings.  This unfortunately did not work.

Please let me know if anyone has experienced a similar issue and how it was resolved.  Thank you.