Video problem Version02.01.17A

My videos are not playing!!! Either my sansa fuze 8GB freezes at the very beginning of the video, or the player shuts down. I don’t know what to do, i thought about updating my firmware, but it seems like many people are having another video problem then. I have to soft reset my fuze everytime i try to play a video, in fact i have deleted them all and tried to put them back on, but I am having the same problem. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!! :cry:

You could always try Video4Fuze instead of the Media Converter.


I had a similar problem to what you describe when I received a new 8GB fuze as a gift last Christmas.  I had the most recent firmware, used the accepted video format, and used SMC but my videos would freeze after a minute or two of playback.  When the included music video also froze, I decided that the issue was beyond fixing through formatting.  I made a post similar to yours and did not get a response, so I assumed this was a very isolated problem.  After contacting Sandisk customer service and their fixes did not help, I contacted Amazon and they sent me a new one.  Using the same videos and SMC, the videos now work flawlessly.

Good luck.