Sansa Fuze video glitched.

I’ve had a recent problem with the Fuze when I had to turn it off while it was playing the video.

Later on , when I turned it back on , it was frozen on the video play timeline. I couldn’t do ANYTHING at this point.

When I tried pressing menu , play , back , skip etc. it would switch to the bootscreen , bring me back to the same place with the video timeline , and then if I tried anything at that point , the whole player would just freeze and you couldn’t press anything.

If I tried to turn off the sansa and turn it back on , I would just end up with the same situation. The only thing that fixed it was when I plugged it into my computer when I got home later that day.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

Sounds like the video bug.  What firmware version do you have?  If it’s x.x.26, then it’s most likely the bug.  The lastest firmware has a fix for it.  Look on top of this board for the lastest firmware – x.x.28.  There’s a workaround for this also, just press pause before shutting off the fuze.

You can reset the device by holding the power switch in the ON position for about 20 seconds, release, then power up again.  Definitely update your player to the new firmware version .28, as this issue was rectified.

The video resume feature was also fixed!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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