Fuze freezing after playing a video.

This problem started after I updated my sansa fuze 8GB about 2 days to the latest firmware (v02.02.26A). 

What usually happens is I play a video, stop it and turn the fuze off,  I then resume the video when I turn the fuze on, I used to do this all the time with no trouble.

But after the lastest firmware, when I play a video, pause it, then turn it back on to resume the video later, the fuze just freezes up.  It displays the video under music, you can’t go back to the menu, and  I have to reset and plug the fuze into a pc, and delete everything to get the fuze to function properly.

If It happens again I will post a picture of what happens, because it is hard to explain in words.

I am experiencing the exact same symptoms…trying to reformat now to see if that does anything.  :angry:

That is a repeatable firmware bug. I reported it earlier and you can read it here (also includes way to avoid it).