Help With Videos!!!

So I recently got my new 2gb sansa fuze. I downloaded rhapsody, and the media converter. I got my music and pictures on my fuze but Im having trouble with videos. Heres whats happened so far:

-I downloaded the vid off of youtube

-I converted it using the sansa Media converter

-I put the vid on my fuze

When i tried to watch the video it played but it is all green and fuzzy. I have the video and audio but its almost impossibel to see the video. I tried this with other videos and its still the same thing. someone please help!!!

Did you watch the original downloaded version you grabbed (the input file for SMC)? It’s possible that that has the green fuzzy in it too. Often when I see this it’s a copyrighted thing (like a dvd)

Yeah thats the thing. The original video is fine( both videos I tried) but once its on my fuze its all fuzy?

There are several applications available that will capture YouTube video clips.  Which application did you use?

The AnyVideoConverter application has a YouTube download option.  Perhaps the video can be downloaded using a different app.

It’s a good idea to have some codecs available for the Sansa Media Converter to work with imported digital video.  You can try the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP) or look in the Sansa Media Converter forum.  I cannot recall the other codec pack at the moment (there are several).  With these “tools”, the converter can handle the imports.