Youtube videos on sansa fuze, NO SOUND! Please help!!

*sigh* I tried to put some youtube videos on my sansa fuze and some of them worked,some didn’t! There’s NO sound on some of them and it’s really ticking’ me off! :wink: for real! So,ANY help will be useful! The whole reason I got the sansa was for Videos and more space and cuz it looked like an ipod…Anyways,HELP!!! PLEASEEE!!! Thanks! :smiley:

Try the dvdvideosoft YouTube Downloaderapplication.   I am using an earlier version, but the “2.2” version in the link should do the trick:

Copy the URL from the box within the YouTube page (right side of the screen), but the web browser link does also work.

Drag and drop the URL into the downloader application.

Once downloaded, drag the file into the Sansa Media Converter.  Hint: rename the file as you’d like to see it on the Sansa, or it will have the generic name From_Internet_1 , in sequence of course.

With the Sansa plugged in, click on the Convert button, and the video will be sent to the Sansa.

Hint:  You can save the current session as a project in the Sansa Media Converter (upper right).  This way, your transfer session is stored for loading later.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I have anydvdconverter and it’s suppose to convert youtube.  I haven’t tried, because you’re suppose to be logged or registered with youtube.  But the idea sounds like it will work great.


Thank you so much for posting the DVD Video Soft Free Studio download.  It works perfectly on my Vista computer. I followed your excellent instructions although I was a bit leary because I always have trouble with these types of things but it worked great.  It only took about 1 minute to download the software which is a plus then and I bet the video took only 2 minutes to download on my hard drive then the Sansa Media Converter converted it in 58 seconds.  Hell it took longer for the Fuze to update my media when I unplugged it then it did to download the site, the video and convert it.  Then it played flawlessly on the Fuze with good video and good sound.  I am thrilled and it was just what I was looking for.  THANK YOU!

I know nobody cares but it took some time to pick out the  You Tube videos and download them to the hard drive  but as far as the Sansa Media Converter haters are concerned…

11 you tube videos converted in 15 minutes 45 seconds.  To me that rocks

Thanks again Bob

And I also want to say that these videos take up no space at all,  I’m talking like 15mb per video and I was worried about the visual quality because one vid in particular was way pixelated on you tube but when I viewed it ont he fuze it was smooth as glass baby.  I’m impressed.

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Wow, came looking for help for my “silent” videos and the suggestions worked.  I got one of the free shareware video converters and first changed my MP4s into AVI files, then ran them through the Sansa Video Converter and they are fine.

Love these help forums!

SusanD in Richmond, CA

WOW! I have never seen so many instances of SMC working so well! :dizzy_face: