Problems putting Youtube videos onto my Fuze.

Hello. I am having trouble succesfully putting Youtube videos onto my sansa fuze.

After watching a tutorial on how to do it, on youtube, i decided to use the Vixnet programme to convert the files in order to put them on my fuze. On the tutorial, it suggested converting the youtube videos to .avi files. However, this didn’t work for me. I just kept getting a message saying that i needed the right codex??? or something. So… I converted them to mp4 files instead, and that did work! however… there is no sound at all, on any of the videos. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Or a solution? Many thanks.

From my experience you need to use the Sansa Media Converter program.  The Fuze is very picky about what videos it will play.

Thanks. Yeah, i did also use the sansa media converter. But before you even use that, you have to convert the youtube videos into a different format. Youtube videos are in some weird FLV format, that can’t be added to the media converter, without being converted to .avi, or .mp4 etc. It’s complicated stuff… for me anyway. But like i said, I did actually get the videos onto my fuze, just without sound. And since they were music videos… Well that was no good at all really. Cheers again.

I’ve used SUPER successfully on YouTube videos before.  The UI is pretty odd, but it’s free and one of the best converters out there.  Just use it to create an AVI and run the AVI through SMC.