New fuze won't load video

Santa is bringing my daughter the Fuze and I can get photos and songs onto it, but no video.  If I use anyvideoconverter, it says there is no audio.  SMC loads it, but it won’t play on the Fuze - just a blank screen.  The videos are from itunes.  If I can’t use itunes, and thats fine, where can I get videos that will play on the Fuze?  Rhapsody didn’t have teen ones… The itunes ones she wants are Jonas Brothers, High School musical, Ally & AJ, etc… Is there a certain provider anyones knows for sure that will work with Fuze? I’ll pay to get the videos from them.  I’m beating my head against a wall with this - have spent hours and she’ll be so disappointed.   

I haven’t tried vidoes from itunes.  Did you convert them to .avi videos and then use SMC?  All the movies I’ve done I do as an .avi and then use SMC.  I’ve done MPeg4 videos to .avi and them SMC and they work fine on the Fuze, not sure if the itunes ones are those (these were the free old, old ones from the internet archive site).

In anydvdconverter I check the audio output, if that’s possible with these.  I want to make sure it’s the english version (was getting spanish before I figured it out:wink:) and that’s there’s sound and it’s just the movie.

Not sure where else to find the videos. 

I can’t get the video to have audio either if any one has a suggestion please let me know too

I finally called Sansa tech support.  He suggested using You Tube downloader.  I got the videos (free) from You Tube using the downloader and then used Any Video Recorder to convert them to avi and then used SMC to get onto the fuze.  This worked.  There may be a way to use the youtube converter to convert to avi and bypass the avc step, but I’m not tech savvy enough to figure it out.  You tube had all the music videos my 9 year old wanted and then some. 

It’s a shame I had to download 2 3rd party programs to load video.  Sansa should have this streamlined by now.