Upload youtube videos to Sansa Fuze....Easy!!!

Here’s what worked for me. I downloaded “Any Video Converter” and I used “Rhapsody” to drag the files to the Fuze.  Download your video on to computer, open the video in"Any Video Converter," select the “Flash Video Movie” option next to profile. Scroll down to “Video Options” and change the frame size to “224x176” then convert the video.  When the video is converted, imported it, or drag it into “Rhapsody” in the video section.  Your fuze should be plugged in. Drag the video and drop it in the Fuze.  Also you don’t have to suscribe to “Rhapsody” to place videos on your Fuze…Enjoy!


>>Download your video on to computer<<


Can you explain how one does this from UTube?

@mikeinkaty wrote:

>>Download your video on to computer<<


Can you explain how one does this from UTube?

I personally use realplayer.  It contains a module where you can directly download .flv content like what’s on youtube.  Works great.

mikeinkaty wrote:

>>Download your video on to computer<<


Can you explain how one does this from UTube?

You can also use KEEPVID. Just go to keepvid.com, copy and paste the URL of the youtube video where indicated. Then scroll down and follow the instruction to copy it to your computer as .fvl or .mp4 (I use mp4). Then use SMC to transfer to Fuze.

Just in case some linux folks are dropping in: this post has an example on how to do it easily on any linux system.

All I got from KEEPVID was error messages.  Does it matter if your using IE 8 and XP Pro?  I couldn’t drag and drop anything like they said on the web page.  Plus, what in the heck is the “Links Toolbar”?  I have no such named critter.

There are many online programs that you can use to download youtube videos. Google “download youtube videos” and look through the different programs.  I usually download the videos straight to the desktop, this way I can easily drag it into “Any video Converter” without having to search for it.

So again…  1. Download the program “Any Video Converter” and Rhapsody if you don’t have it.  You don’t have to suscribe or pay a cent to put video’s on your fuze using Rhapsody or “Any video converter.”

  1. Download your videos to your desktop to make things easy, import the video into "any video converter, " convert the video using the "Flash Video Movie (*flv) option…scroll down on your right hand side under “video options” and change the frame size to 224x176 then convert the video.

  2. Once the video is converted, import it into “Rhapsody” in the video section. Then simply drag the video and drop it into the Fuze.

This entire process takes no more than five minutes…I’ve been putting youtube video’s on my Fuze all day. Good Luck

Answering the second post . . .

When you download the Any Video Converter, right click in the area that says Get Started, and click ‘Paste Video url’ after you copy the url of that video. choose video format and click Convert. The end!

Good luck!

Oh, and convert it to .avi, and use the SMC to put it on the Fuze. Or Rhapsody, I don’t care. I just personally don’t like it. SMC is simpler.

Will “Any Video Converter” make a smaller file than SMC?  SMC increased one avi for me from 10 Meg to 24 Meg and made a smaller screen, to boot!

If KeepVid is giving you a problem then try another program, there are many.

Thanks saxmaster!

iT Didnt work for me. I dont use Rapahody because i live in spain and i dont have the option to download. I put into .avi but says codec problem when i import with SMC. Also it dont have song after conversion.

I put to sansa WMV in any video converter, and now goes ok, ALSO, in my any video converter i have a YOUTUBE menu for download using any video converter , i try the both but i dont have if this last is more better.

Also,  my size is: 320x240

Download via any video converter seems to heard better than realplayer.

The problem persits when i use SANSA AVI or SANSA MP4 in the any video converter format. And this force audio to be AAC and i read that fuze dont support AAC audio. Now i put customize AVI and put mpeg4 in video and MP3 in audio. Its ok?

I cant download the rhapsody the web says:

Sorry, we are not able to offer MusicStore Catalog at this time.

We are not able to offer MusicStore Catalog in Spain at this time. For the latest music and entertainment offers in your country, click Current Offers. Click Cancel to end this session.

If you believe you’ve received this message in error, check to make sure your country and language settings are accurate.

I put in audio bitrate  128 and video bitrate 512.

i use the youtube downloader. it does not have al the problems you guys are talking about. Here it is if you want it.

when your saving it you must do it like this: example.flv or else it won’t work. :smileyvery-happy:

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I use the youtube downloader too.  Works great.

It save as mp4, what is better? and then i use Any video converter? or directly form youtube download to SMC?

then you open youtube video downloader and use it to convert the file to your needed format.

if you don’t get what i’ saying here it is better explained: click me!

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