How do you upload video to Sansa Fuze?

I am in love with my one-month-old 4GB Sansa Fuze.  I have no problem at all uploading music to the device (I call it the “dummy-safe MP3”), but I am a total newbie when it comes to uploading video.  Is it possible to upload video from a television network website or from Youtube?  If so, can someone break it down for me very, very simply?

There’s quite a few references on how to do this, but in a nutshell you need to use the Sansa Media Converter program available for download here. With your fuze connected (that’s important, it must be connected while converting) you bring the program up and drag/drop the files and click convert. The conversion converts the files and places them on the Fuze. Any file that SMC (Sansa Media Converter)  cannot recognize it will tell you about and those will need to be run through some other program to convert them into a format SMC does like. For more specifics search these forums

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