Uploading Videos

I just bought a Sansa Fuze Media Player.  I’m able to upload mp3’s but don’t know how to upload a video.  I’ve tried to upload mp4’s but no luck.  What format does the video need to be in?

LATER: I followed these directions: http://www.ehow.com/how_6497910_upload-video-sansa-fuze.html

 I tried uploading it as an AVI but get this message on my Sansa device:

“Unsupported media format”

I tried to uploaded it as an mp4 also, but got the same reply.

What am I doing wrong?

When I try to upload my videos, I get this response:

“Your device requires that this file be converted in order to play on the device.  However, the device either does not support playing video, or Windows cannot convert the file to a video format that i supported by the device.”

I have a video converter program but don’t know what type of video will upload on my Sansa fuze media player.