All Right...

So, I downloaded the media converter, and have a bit of a question. Is it at all possible to transfer youtube videos onto my fuze? I saved them as per instruction here: mp4 - files.html

…Meaning I saved them in mpeg-4 format. Isn’t the fuze, and therefore the media converter, supposed to be compatible with mpeg-4’s?

Now, if you take that video file, and open the Sansa Media Converter, press “add media”.

From the pop up window, select your video file, and see if it transfers to the Media Converter.  With the Sansa Fuze connected, does the “convert” button now fill in?  Once you click “convert”, the file is transferred to the Fuze.  You cannot transfer video directly to the device, since it needs to be sized (formatted for the screen) first.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: