Sansa Fuze unable to transfer videos using Sansa Video Converter using a PC?


I have tried many formats with different video converters to transfer videos but with know luck? I have manage to play a few videos on Sansa Fuze screen on the Fuze but it does not allow me to convert these videos onto my Fuze. The message is failure? I have looked at many post on the message board but I do not understand how they managed to be successful. I am just a average user of my computer and certain things I have know idea what to do. Please could someone help that was successful and explain to me how to transfer videos on my Fuze so can understand on a PC.                                                                                                                                                                           Thanks                                                                                                                                                                                                  goss9

My basic steps are:  Convert the source, usually a DVD or a YouTube video, to an AVI or MP4 format.  For DVDs, I use a ripper and for YouTube videos I use anyvideoconverter (freeware version).  For video, I use mpeg 4 encoder 320x240 size with 30 fps or 29.75 fps, CBR 700 kbs, and for the audio codec aac with 160kbs and sampling at 44.1 khz.  If you don’t know what these mean, just look for equivalent settings in the converter.  These settings seem to be compatible with both sansa media converter (SMC) and video4fuze.  Use SMC or video4fuze to convert to a format the fuze will recognize.  For short videos, SMC is easier because it will automatically load to the fuze.  video4fuze creates a separate file which has to be manually transferred using either drag-n-drop or a loader (windows media player or mediamonkey) to get onto the player.

Note, this isn’t step-by-step, I assume you know basic windows operation.  Nothing else seems to work for me in converting directly to something the fuze will recognize except converting a second time via SMC or video4fuze.  Note for long videos, SMC allows the video and audio to get out of sync.  video4fuze is better for long videos.


There are many different types of video format, each requires different handling. You’ve been asking questions on this a few times now. If you want help, you’ll need to give more info, as to the kinds of videos, what steps you’ve taken, and the exact error messages you get. “It don’t work” says zilch. That said, video conversion for the Fuze is problematic, and things may not work even when you know what to do.

BTW, I’m in the process of looking at different front-ends, since I’m switching over to x264, and notice that a few of them use AVIMux. Most of these can be scripted, so conceivably there is a single-step solution for the Fuze aside from Video4Fuze or SMC.