I have a Sansa Fuze and have successfully installed SMC and have downloaded and transferred videos (mainly FLV files) onto my Fuze.  However, I have been trying to transfer videos from the BBC onto my Fuze using SMC, without success.  Whenever I try to transfer them to my Fuze using the SMC I get a message saying “This file cannot be imported, please install the correct codec first. If the file can playback on your computer, probably Sansa Media Convert does not support this format”.  However, these are wmv files, which are supposed to be supported by the Fuze, and when I downloaded the videos from the BBC site onto my PC, it says that these files were suitable for playing on a portable MP3 player.   Sansa Support have not been able to help me with this.  Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?  What does “Please install the correct codec first” mean?  How do I do this?  Are there any other Video converters which I can use?  Thanks for any help.

If you read around, you’ll find that you have to download and install a codec pack (Google it) _ and _ most likely have to run the videos through another 3rd-party conversion program first before SMC will be able to take over for final conversion and transfer to your player.

And yes, there is an alternative.



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Hi Tapeworm, thanks for your prompt & helpful reply.  I tried downloading video4fuze (I downloaded the first option - video4fuze-0.6_installer.exe– is that right?  But although I installed it OK, whenever I tried to convert a file I just got an error message saying “mencoder.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”.  So I guess I will have to persevere with the SMC. You say I have to install a codec pack, but which one?  I tried googling it, but it returned thousands of results.  Which one do I need? You also say that I will have to run the videos through another 3rd-party conversion program first before SMC takes over.  I have used Real Player, which has converted flv files to wmv, and they have then been transferred onto the Fuze using SMC.  But, the problem is that the files I am trying to transfer are already wmv files, so whenever I try to convert them using Real Player I just get an error message!