mp4 video will not transfer through SMC

Hey, I have some mp4 videos that wont transfer with the SMC. It says: “…cannot be imported, please install the correct codec first. If the files can playback on your computer, probably Sansa Media Convert does not support this format, or the file is corrupted.” I have the up to date version, from this site. Also, it lists mp4 as one of the file types the converter supports… is this an error that needs to be fixed?

Same vid transfers in mpeg2, but i converted with trial software, so it labels the middle of the screen ‘unregistered version’ which is something i want to avoid.

Using vista 64, 4g red fuze

Thanks any help would be amazing

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Ok another solution would be using AVC and converting the vid to the right settings, and then do the drag & drop to put it in the Fuze.

From what most people say (I haven’t tried myself yet, mind you), the only way to get a video to play on the Fuze is to transfer through SMC, even if it’s the right specs and you just drag and drop. I will try this when my FREAKING FUZE ARRIVES.

Taken from here -

The horizontal screen proved a real advantage for watching video,
but SanDisk’s conversion software was awkward to use and its video codec support was inconsistent.
We were able to convert most WMV files, but while some AVI and MP4 files were also successfully converted,
the converter rejected many others and claimed that they required unspecified missing codecs.

Unlike the Sansa View, the Fuze can’t play WMV or MP4 video files.
It’s annoyingly specific: it can only handle MPEG4-encoded,
fully interleaved AVI files at a resolution of 224x176,
at no more than 20 frames per second and with a bit rate of 512KB/s or less
This set of criteria is so unusual that we were unable to produce viewable videos using our usual conversion tools.
It was almost impossible to predict which videos SanDisk’s own converter would accept, making the entire process very frustrating.