Video converter for Fuze?

Basically the media converter refuses to convert a lot of my videos, as they’re in MKV, OGV or other placeholder formats the media converter doesn’t understand. Does anyone know exactly what video formats the Fuze does play, and what’s the best., simplest converter for converting to it’s video format and screen resolution?


How can I put DVD’s onto my Sansa Fuze? - link to some answers.  Mostly you need another software to convert them first.  Yes it can be a pain, but the end result is great.

If you need to convert video formats to something that the Sansa Media Converter “understands”, look into AnyVideoConverter.  There is a free version too.  Convert your source file to a different format, then this target file is given to the SMC.

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Anyone  know why SMC makes such huge files for such a tiny image size?

Starting with a standard avi file of around 15 megs…it comes out the other end of SMC as a 30 or 45 meg file!

This has been asked many times but I don’t think there’s been an answer. My speculation is that a more complex compression scheme means more processing power required to decode. The Fuze doesn’t have a particularly powerful processor.

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I would like to know why it’s so big, too.  My coworker can get 9 full length dvd movies on 4 gb on her ipod and I get about 5full dvd movies and 4 30 minute tv shows on a 4gb card.  She does MPEG4 and I have to use AVI and then the converter… but still.  That’s a big difference.  So I need more cards to put movies on. 

I had used a converter which is recommended by my friends. Its name is 4Videosoft Sansa Video Converter. It works well for my sansa player. You can search it in the google and free download it on the official website. That will be safe enough.

There are so many variables. Nothing is that cookie cutter unfortunatly.

You say your friend gets 9… N-I-N-E… movies on her 4GB ipod?!?
Well my friend get 3 movies on her 8GB iTouch. They are roughly 2.5GB each. I thought that was pretty reasonable for a full length movie.

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That’s what I remember her saying.  The file sizes were about half of what mine were after I put them on the fuze.

And she got quiet a few on a USB.  She had an 8gb nano and put them on the remaining 4 gb of memory then switched them out as needed.  I don’t think she’s done it for a while, the novelty wore off for her I guess…

She used anydvdconverter and put them for ipod.  It looks like the ADV changed how it does things (the professional that costs money), so maybe it’s changed the sizing.  And it does have a choice for Sandisk!  For the first convert, of course.  There are 3 options




I haven’t tried it this way as I’ve been doing other things and rewatching the movies I have on my cards…

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