Need favor: Small Youtube Movie conversion

hey, since I still havent found out why the movie conversion does not work,

if there is anyone out there who can create a movie for the fuze, I need this video to be converted:

and I want it to be on a birthday present fuze for tomorrow,does anyone have the time to convert it and send it to me today?

That would be awesome.

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please, anyone ?

I can provide an ftp to upload, so no need to find a host.

I can even submit the video in different formats if you can’t get it out of youtube.

If you download dvdvideosofts freestudio software, it really is quite easy to download youtube videos.

Go tp and click on the “free youtube to ipod and psp converter 3.1”

After downloading, cut and paste that youtube link you posted into the first line (input url).

You also need to put the name of the video in place of the words “from internet 1”(between the slash and the period) on the output line. Otherwise your video will be named “From internet 1”

After freestudio youtube converter converts the file, then you will need to open the file with the Sansa Media Converter, so it can convert the file to something the Fuze  can read. SMC will then load it into the Fuze.

Any questions?

I promise, it is pretty easy.

Save as MP4. Convert with sansa media convertor.

sorry, should have mentioned my topic about my problem with the media converter:

It won’t convert ANYTHING.

I know how to extract the video, I can convert it to every possible format, but SMC wont do anything, it just loads the file, can even play it but displays an empty conversion failure message.

Now, could anyone please convert the video, I’m running short in time… :frowning:

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Look for the part on the bottom right that says: “Save file to your PC: click here”

Awesome, Thank you very much!

Once I get back, I will try to figure out why it doesnt work for me.