Video help

I have a problem with my videos, and the problem is, whenever I play it the video comes out green covered, on my sansa fuze. I don’t know if I’m doing it right, beacause I’m not using sansa media converter. reason as to why is that it doesn’t even give me the convert option, which is very annoying. So instead of using it, I used several other programs such as any media converter, tubetilla, and videora, none of such work. So please can anyone give me some help? Especially concerning why my screen is green, because if it’s a defect I need to return it. And if I have to use the sansa converter, can anyone tell me exactly how to get it started up?

i have same problem with my 8g fuze where the convert button on the newly downloaded converter is greyed out. whats up? trying to get it to work using forums, not alot of help…other than keep uninstalling/reinstalling it…


suddenly the CONVERT button is there!!  here is what i did after installing SMC, then having it not work, and reinstalling (overwriting) and still having it not work…

*I removed / uninstalled all sources of the SMC that I got from the web.  (i did not have it included in my 8gb fuze packaging, only a rhapsody disc…useless to me since i dont use rhapsody) 

*Rebooted my computer. 

*i installed the SMC from the page here

*I went into my Fuze player and made sure -Settings - USB mode- was in MTP mode…

*connected my fuze to my puter

*selected to  “open my portable device using the sansa media converter”

Boom!  there was the button.

i dont know why it is there, but it is.  i am s-l-o-w-l-y convertingan avi right now, i hope it works.

OMG Thanks to you, I now know that there isn’t anything wrong with my player, thank you sooo much. Now to follow your directions, and see if they really do end up working. =D:smiley: But man if this does work, sansa should really smooth the sansa feature out, Because you have to jump through quite a few hoops to make it work, unlike the ipod. Once again thanks alot.