Sansa Media Converter

I’ve converted maybe 7 or so music videos and about 4 full length movies

but umm today when i tried to convert a vid, it would convert 100% but then when it was about to sync the file to the player, it became “non responding”

i retried to convert several times and i received the same result EVERY TIME

at first i was happy to convert, and now im just pissed, mainly because it worked and now all of a sudden it doesnt…


ps…i wish it could convert files without having the player plugged in, because the fuze becomes hot when its converting for almost an hour and im afraid that it will like explode or something  

As far as the issue with the media converter is this happening with the same video or is this every video after the first occurance? If it is the same video there may be an issue with the original file. Also when converting videos for the fuze you only need to have the player connected initially. Once the conversion begins you can disconnect the player as the media converter will have the proper profile selected at that point. When the video is finished converting it will be in a folder called “Sansa Media Converter” in “My Documents”. From there you can just copy the converted video to the the sansa fuze. Copy the videos to the video dorectory on the fuze.


i found the files in that folder and synced them