doesn't recognize my sansa fuze!!!

Someone please help me! When i go to the media converter program to convert videos, it says “No player available, please connect your player”! my player is plugged in, it is not on ‘hold’, i have no idea what to do? I added music fine, but i didn’t have to convert music so please help me convert videos! thank you.

You need to download the latest Sansa Media Converter version from the Web.

i did download the latest version.

i have the sam problem, the converter doesn’t reconize my player even after the firmware download.

What OS are you running ?  It needs to be XP or higher.

windows home edition xp windows media player 9

Aha!!  Time to update your WiMP to 10 (minimum), 11 better.  The drivers for the Fuze (MTP protocols) are integrated in these two versions of WiMP, otherwise, you’ll have to use MSC mode.

Be sure to click on the Windows Update option first, I’ll bert the Service Packs and WiMP11 will come up automatically, making for a happy Fuze.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: