Cannot convert videos to fuze using sansa media converter.

I hooked up my fuze in MSC mode to my XP SP2 pc today to convert a music video to my fuze using Sansa Media Converter.After i clicked the convert button the top progress bar kept going and reached 100%,while the bottom bar was in 49% when the top bar was in 100%.And it did not progress any further.It stayed like that for about 4 minutes without any change.After staying for about 5 minutes i cancelled the conversion and tried doing it again.But it ended with the same results.



try using rhapsody to convert the files. if i need to put video on my fuze rhapsody is my prefered method. it does not seam to have the same issues the smc has.

can you put videos from itunes on your mp3 player and still get it to play sound and pics? i tried it with the meadia converter but i didn’t get the picture. im not sure if i got sound cuz i didn’t have any ear phones with me