AHHHH!!!!! Help!

I just transfered a bunch of videos from Windows Media Player to my Fuze, but when I try to view them, it says that it’s empty. What’s going on? Did I do the transfer wrong?

You cannot simply load videos to your Sansa with Windows Media Player. If only it were that easy! :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to convert videos into a format read by the Sansa AND transfer them to the player with the Sansa Media Converter. This proprietary piece of software has it’s own board here on the forum where you can download the Converter and discuss issues, problems and the like with other video-maniacs. :smiley:

Some video formats require additional handling. Some have found that with certain formats you have to first run the videos through another converter program like Any Video Converter, then a 2nd time through the Sansa Media Converter which will convert it to a ‘flavor’ that it likes and install in onto your Sansa. Some have problems with audio going out of sync with the video, others don’t.

You can also use Rhapsody software (available at the Rhapsody site) to convert and install videos to the Sansas. You do not have to be a Rhapsody member or buy a membership/subscription to use the software. It’s reported to work if you have problems with the SMC, but does take longer to convert.

Thanks. Does that mean that I have to remove all those files from the player, and start again though? And will I have to run mp3’s through the converter as well?

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YES & NO (in that order) :smiley:

Audio files (either mp3, wma, or ogg) are sent directly, or via an application like Windows Media Player.  Videos are only possible through the Sansa media Converter, or imported via Rhapsody.

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